This year has already given us an amazing catalogue of music: Basement, Sorority Noise, Dowsing, and most recently Modern Baseball have all released brilliant new records, but PUP have now firmly added themselves to that line up. The Toronto native punk quartet’s follow up to their 2014 self titled debut takes every aspect of what brought them to the forefront of the scene, and cranks up its intensity.

Follow Your Dreams, released on Side One Dummy Records, flows between pop rock anthems filled with catchy hooks and gang chants, to hard hitting, Hardcore influenced punk, all interlinked with straight to the heart lyrics – listen to Old Wounds and hear Stefan Babcock screaming “if you think I’m still a prick? Well, I am” and you would be easily forgiven for thinking they are a completely different band to the one playing the earlier DVP. However, this isn’t a record of disjointed and disconnected songs; the album flows from track to track almost effortlessly.

If you’re a huge fan of PUP’s debut, you will immediately tell the difference between the two records. Where the Self Titled immediately punches you in the gut with – well – everything cranked up to 11, Follow Your Dreams starts with the more somber note of If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will; the beginning to an album filled of stories of disillusionment of life when you’re coming of age.  That being said, it takes just about a minute until you are once again hit with the crash of reverb, angst-ridden screams and – well – everything being turned up to be as loud as possible again.

When I saw PUP play with Modern Baseball last month in Huddersfield, I was amazing by how they had managed to capture their raw intensity within their debut self-titled. After giving The Dream is Over a few listens, you will be amazed at how so much energy can be felt through their songs, and I absolutely recommend buying this record and going off to see this band as soon as you can.

The Dream is Over is released on the 29th May, however it is currently streaming in its entirety over at NPR. You can also pre-order the album from Side One Dummy (USA) and from Banquet Records (UK) now.

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