Alternative Bristol four-piece, Pushing Daisies, who are set to embark on a co-headline tour this June with Dearist, are making waves in the online music scene. Since forming in 2014, these guys have played alongside the likes of Hindsights, WSTR and Pity Sex and if that doesn’t convince you to check them out then their latest EP definitely will.

Pushing Daisies have recently announced that they have signed to Homebird Records to re-release their 6-track EP, Stay Sad, on a limited edition 10” baby pink vinyl, which will be available June 30th. For now though you can give it a listen and a cheeky download through their bandcamp. Stay Sad starts of strong with the opening track, Hazel, and just doesn’t let up! Every track gives you a sense of the raw intensity that this band are trying to convey through their heavy guitars and trademark emo vocals. The highlight of the album is B.R.I, which is slightly on the softer side and fills you with a sense of regret for what could’ve been. Pushing Daisies are really refining 90’s grunge and bringing it into the 21st century.

To go along with the new vinyl, they’ve released the music video for their second single, Morning Drive:

Stream and download the EP here: http://www.pushingdaisiesuk.bandcamp.com

Preorder it on vinyl, along with a limited /50 shirt: http://www.homebirdrecords.co.uk/products/572326-pushing-daisies-vinyl-longsleeved-top-t-shirt