Concave may be a band that have slipped completely under your radar, but back in 2013 they became a bit of a cult hit in the UK Emo scene. In the wake of Basement’s hiatus and the release of Colourmeinkindness, the underground punk scene was starting to really pick up; bands such Title Fight and Tigers Jaw were making plans to come over the country, and many homegrown talents like Moose Blood and Milk Teeth were starting to find there feet. During all of this, Concave quietly released their demo to huge ovation. Their reverb packed guitars, hard hitting riffs and emotional lyrics – “do you think its fair that they’re happy and you’re not” being just one great example – meant that they asserted themselves amongst the most promising bands in the UK. However, the band stayed quiet, going about their business playing shows and small tours. 

Fast forward 3 and a half years and Concave are finally back with a their new record Hard to Find. The band pick up right where they left off; catchy hooks and even catchier choruses are rife throughout the record. However, the band have added more the their sound quality and writing style instead of sticking down the same path that their demo took them down. They seem to have experimented much more with melody and atmosphere which is recognisable immediately in the opening track Sway and continues throughout the records 8 songs.

Songs like Sleepless, See Through You and Let Go all show a very recognisable side to Concave that is compatible to the demo, showcasing a grungier side to the band somewhat reminiscent to early Superheaven and Basement’s Colourmeinkindess (apologies for bringing that one back up, however I’ve recently rediscovered how good of a record it is), whilst still showing the maturity that they have adopted in the 3 years since we last heard new music from them.

Hard to Find is currently streaming and available to buy from Concave’s bandcamp: