informaldehydeyeahYeah, we’ve had the occasional track from them here and there over the past year but Informaldehyde is the first real sampler of what Leed’s duo, Night Owls, are capable of. For such a short EP, comprising of only four tracks, there is a huge amount of range. Whilst the songs are tenuously linked by the theme of relationships on the verge of breakdown, they all have a completely different sound to them. If you judged the entire EP by the opening track, Gilded Lily, you’d expect something quite heavy and packed with angst. However, it goes beyond that – Why Me and Call Me Out both reveal a more laid back side to Night Owls, whereas She seems highly influenced by nineties grunge. Informaldehyde makes you desperately crave a full album from these guys.

Buy Iformaldehyde on CD: http://tilldeafdouspartyrecords.bigcartel.com/product/night-owls-informaldehyde-pre-order

Call Me Out has been featured on a compilation, alongside tracks from the likes ofLonely The Brave, The Xcerts and Fizzy Blood,  which aims to raise money for male suicide prevention charity, CALM. Get it here: http://tilldeafdouspartyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/a-compilation-in-aid-of-c-a-l-m-part-ii