nothings goldIt’s really refreshing to see such a great band come out of Lincolnshire in the form of Grantham four-piece, Nothing’s Gold. These guys have been likened to Neck Deep, and whilst it’s kinda easy to understand where the comparison comes from as they both fall into the pop punk genre, it feels as if this description sells them somewhat short. Nothing’s Gold spent some time in the studio with Matt O’Grady (You Me At Six, Deaf Havana) to produce Broken Memories, a really promising debut which shows an insane amount of range for such a short release. Three Years In The Breaking leads on seamlessly from the mostly instrumental opener. It’s a great introduction the band,easing us in with the familiarity of an upbeat rhythm and subject matter make it quite stereotypical of it’s genre. However, what really sets it apart are Adam Leeson’s raw vocals which continue onto the next track Role Models. This is where they come into their own, with a slightly more yearning tone and great harmonies. The only real fault we can find with Broken Memories is the length: We want more from Nothing’s Gold already.

Broken Memories is set of release July 22nd and will be available through iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp.