Okay, so maybe it’s taken us a little while to write about this one and it’s probably a  bit irrelevant now but it really has taken this long (like two whole weeks) to process the beauty of Ben Marwood’s hometown show at the tiny, yet character-filled, sauna that is the Rising Arts Club in Reading. The tagline for the show was God is Back and that’s a pretty accurate description.

The atmosphere was absolutely unbelievable and you could tell that everyone there to support him: The room was packed full of family and friends. His brother even came up to the front and had a failed attempt at playing what was probably a kazoo. Let’s just say his return to music was a fine one – his vocals were better than ever as he belted out tracks from Outside There’s A Curse and Back Down as well as testing out some new stuff of his upcoming third album. And of course, there were plenty of inappropriate jokes about Michael Jackson, 8 year olds who love hearing songs about murder and wrestling. 

Ben was joined by Nick Parker, who did a fantastic job of opening the show with his very story-like folk punk songs and had the audience absolutely captivated. If a guy can write a song from the point of view of their dog then I’m gonna be an immediate fan. He was followed by Little Red, a folky three piece whose harmonies were utterly captivating. Their music would really be at home on the set of Game of Thrones.

If you’re heading to 2000 Trees festival next week, the make sure to check out Ben’s set on Thursday on the Axiom Stage.