KG---Sad---Web-1500pxKamikaze Girls are really working their arses off at the minute, constantly playing shows all over the place to get their message out there: It’s okay to be sad. And finally, after what seems like months of waiting we have their debut EP is here. Sad, as the name apptly suggests is a record all about the band’s own experience with mental health issues. Their lyrics speak frankly about taboo subjects in a way that is rarely ever seen and allow people in similar situations to empathise with them and know that they’re not alone.

That being said, the sombre subject matter definitely doesn’t take away from the music at all. Conor’s powerful work on drums coupled with Lucinda’s incredibly strong and punchy vocals have a huge impact. It’s kinda hard to believe that such noise could come from just only two people. It’s really difficult to place Kamikaze Girls into a genre: They’re kinda grungy but there also seems to be a eighties rock undertone to some of there stuff. Stitches, which was the first single released off the EP, is a little more lighthearted and upbeat and can be interpreted in completely different, personal ways. Whereas, Ladyfuzz is a really touching track written about a time where Lucinda was in hospital and forced to cancel. The entire EP is completely supercharged with emotion.

Order the vinyl now: https://kamikazegirls.bandcamp.com/album/sad

Add it to your Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/album/6jxpkZ11DztT1BypKn0MFX