Solemn, the debut offering from Kent band Penthouse, is everything that the name suggests: it’s moody dark with lyrics that focus heavily on feelings of rejection and being tied to things.

Within the six tracks on the EP we see Penthouse greatly experiment with their sound.The band describe themselves as ‘slunge’ (slutty grunge) and that’s a pretty apt. Drive and Heatwave both see the signature grunge sound fuck with something a little more on the pop-punky side, which really suits vocalist, Charlie Winsar’s tone. Hopefully we’ll see more of this kinda style from them in the future. It’s hard to pick a highlight from this album because each song is so different but Dreamer is definitely up there. It’s turbulent rock anthem that you can’t get out your head. You find yourself humming ‘dream for you but don’t dream for me’ over and over again.

Stream/download Solemn: http://penthousepunx.bandcamp.com/album/solemn

Limited number of tapes available: http://bethshalomrecords.bigcartel.com/product/penthouse-solemn-cassette