“I’ve not got rickets, I just dance like a fucking idiot”

Vocalist, Miles Kent, pretty much summed up the atmosphere of Catch Fire’s set of Macmillan Fest in this one line. Their six song set at Spanky Van Dykes was perhaps our most anticipated of the day and they didn’t disappoint. The show was absolutely packed with energy and the chemistry between them and the crowd, who were shouting pretty much every single lyric back at them, was incredible. They even treated us to Thin Ice, a little something off their upcoming EP. We got to sit down and have a little chat with the lads in Black Cherry Lounge ahead of their set.

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This is a home town show for you guys. What’s your favourite venue in the city? 

Bodega, the vibes are just crazy. It’s so intimate but you can still fit a good couple of hundred in there. I think it’s my favourite to play as well, Bodega. Rock City has the best sound and atmosphere but it depends who you’re like watching. But, yeah like Bodega for intimate pop-punk shows is insane.

Your cover of Wild Things blew up recently. Any more covers planned?

We don’t think so, that’s the only one! If we did too many we’d become like a parody band or something. Our label reckoned we should do a cover and when we listened to the Wild Things song we thought that it’d translate really well into pop punk. We basically had a play with it and that was it. We wasn’t keen on the idea at first but then  it turned out really well.

Introspective Part 1 and 2 are so different. Do you prefer one style over the other?

This is a super difficult question! I think Part 2 is my favourite song it terms of how it came about and how we wrote it because it was when me (Miles) and Ash were like super depressed. It was like 2 o’clock in the morning and we went and sat on the bench outside in his garden and ended up just pretty much writing the whole song there and then. What the song says happened, that’s exactly what happened. There’s no gimmicks, no messing about. It was never really supposed to be anything. Miles just pulled his acoustic out and we wrote the song and that was it. Playing Part 1 is good because it’s got so many parts to it. Like it slows down at the end and builds back up again.

You’re a massive part of the online pop punk scene. What is it that draws you to the community? 

It’s just mint. It’s great! It’s just memes and banter everywhere. It’s just really funny. It’s like everyone is looking out for each other in pop punk, no one is like ‘ugh this band’s shit’. I like the whole intimacy of the shows as well, like the crowd surfing. You don’t get that at a jazz gig. I just like everything about it.

Who are your stand out bands of today? Who you looking forward to seeing?

High Tides! We’re really good friends with them so that’s who I was looking forward to most to be honest out of anyone. We’ve played with Blood Youth before and they’re now our label buddies, so we’re looking forward to them too.

Catch them back in Nottingham this November on their co-headline tour with These Minds.

Photos by Danny Webster