When Ryan Sbdrmm-epmith aka BDRMM released his debut track, Sunshine Girl, back in June we were all over it. His otherworldly vocals and organic sound immediately drew us in. CRIKE sees BDRMM refine his Bedroom Pop aesthetic into something rather stunning. He manages to take the D-I-Y nature of his early demos and  yet still produce an incredibly polished EP.

The very literally named instrumental piece, Middle Of The EP, provides a break from the intensity of his haunting vocals and shows you just how skilled this guy is at writing music. Day Off, the final song on the CRIKE, doesn’t feel like a conclusion but more of a cliffhanger of what’s to come next from Ryan. There’s a complete shift in tone for this last track that makes it feel more hopeful and upbeat. Listening to him allows us to escape for twenty minutes or so from the dreariness of everyday life.

Stream CRIKE via SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/loveourrecords/sets/bdrmm-crike-ep